File Uploader

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You can upload files to the SMPhoto server using the link below. We accept:

  • Pictures (.jpg, .jpeg and .png)
  • Audio files like recordings (.mp3, .mid)
  • Videos (.mp4, mov)
  • Word documents (.doc)
  • PDF files
  • ZIP files are NOT normally accepted as we can’t verify file types of the contents. Contact us here if you have a ZIP file you want to upload (choose “Other Comment” in the Subject menu).

Note that your files will not automatically appear in galleries or music lists until your administrator puts them there.

The file uploader works with most desktop and laptop computers and with most Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones. On desktop and laptop computers, simply drag the file into the big download box. On smartphones and tablets, tap the big download box and you’ll get a pop up in which you can select your file. On iOS, choose Photo Library. On Android, select DCIM, then Camera.

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