Personal Videos

This is a collection of videos I’ve made or helped with.

Note that there’s a download button beside the Play button. This will download the low-quality (720p) version to your computer for offline viewing (so you don’t burn up all your data for repeated viewing!) Only click it once, though, so you don’t end up with multiple copies.

Please enjoy my latest offerings:

CN 2876 Freight At Mission Bridge (Sep 18 2021 11:35am) - about 10 hours ago
Esprit 2020
Esprit Retrospective (May 09 2021 3:44pm) - about 4 months ago
Esprit Testimonial CB (May 09 2021 3:43pm) - about 4 months ago
Where Did You Get That Hat (May 09 2021 3:43pm) - about 4 months ago
Fraser Sunrise (Aug 28 2021 9:14pm) - about 21 days ago
Fraser Sunset (Aug 31 2021 11:15pm) - about 18 days ago
Via 2 At Mission Bridge (Sep 14 2021 10:54pm) - about 4 days ago